About Gorakhpur Development Authority

Gorakhpur Development Authority was formed by Uttar Pradesh State Government under the act of UP goverment Municipal corporation andurban development 1973 for the Construction and Development of Infrastructure in the City. The city attracts thousands of tourists every yearfrom all over the world because of the buddhist circuit, grand forest and famous temples, thus Gorakhpur Development Authority came into being. The beautiful temples and amazing buddhist circuit are very popular not only in India but across the globe and GDA-Gorakhpur Development Authority has taken up the responsibility of undertaking construction of residential and commercial spaces as well as implementing their projects in accordance with guidelines of UNESCO so as to preserve the Heritage of the City.

About the Department

From flats, duplexes, plot auction, GDA has a provision for all your demands in accordance with your needs, comfort, convenience and most importantly, your budget. The Master plan (1991-2011) of the Gorakhpur has been designed by the Development Authority keeping in mind the ever growing population, latest trends, financial development and the rise in the tourism sector but the perseverance of old architecture and conservation of cultural heritage of the city has been given the almost importance. Incorporated under the Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning and Development 1973, the Gorakhpur Development Authority employs best of experts from various fields of architecture, engineering, planning.